Monday, May 31, 2004

I Get Mail

One of the experiments of this new web page layout is a mailing address for Grubb Street (presented here and in the "About Me" section above). So far I have been resistant to the idea of comments sections and other feedback, since I'm comfortable with one-way communications (alternate views are cheerfully recognized and encouraged to get their own blog). Those who know me and have a definite opinion can always get to me on my personal email. But I'm willing to experiment, and as a result created the address as part of the new layout. To be honest, I didn't expect much - maybe a comment or two on the new template, but nothing major.

Imagine my surprise when the first email I received was from Pat Sullivan, candidate for Position 2 State Representative from 47th District, running against incumbant Jack Cairnes. I had mentioned Pat in my write-up on 2 May regarding the caucuses - I referred to him at the time as seeming "very, very young". And for those keeping score, I had an earlier entry about Jack Cairnes and his strangely themed mailing back on 23 March.

Anyway, Pat Sullivan contacted me and pointed out that he is not as quite as young as he appears - he is 41 (which still makes him a spring chicken compared to my venerable age of 46), and has three daughters (which more than makes up the difference in our ages and puts him ahead). He has been a senior legislative assistant in the State House and Senate for 15 years, and served on Covington City Council for 7 years (and was Mayor of Covington for five of those years). And right now he's a legislative assistant for King County Councilbeing Dow Constantine. Not a bad record for such a youthful-looking politician - he has a great deal of experience both locally and in Olympia.

But don't take my word for it - his website is here. Go take a look. Check out his record, his stands on issues, and, of course, youthful good looks. Do this particularly if you're in the Fighting 47th District, since this will be more important as we move towards November.

And for the rest of you lot, the least you can do is drop a line about the new format. Does this scan better on your machines, or worse? More or less readable? Does the picture make me look fat(ter)? The jury is still out for me, so I'll solicit opinions (Yes, regardless of the choice, I'll keep the email address on the page).

More later,