Monday, May 17, 2004

Hot Flashes

OK, its finally happened - Drudge Report went NWSF (That's Non-Work-SaFe for the acronymnally-challenged). I can no longer trust to fire it up at work without hearing the crackling sound of raised eyebrows behind me.

Strange enough was the parade of latest photos from Iraq that looked like Maplethorpe tripped out on corn squeezin's, but now he picks up Candidate Kerry's daughter at Cannes in a dress that screams "Wardrobe Malfunction". As the AP report (no, go look it up on your own) notes, there are certain fabrics that tend to become translucent under sudden, intense light. You know, like camera flashes. Now, what would possess anyone to MAKE A DRESS out of this material boggles me. OK. Hugh Hefner would. And Bob Gucionne. And maybe Larry Flynt, but only if there was an implicit promise of "going commando" attached.

And, I'll admit, the question "Does this dress suddenly go invisible at inopportune moments?" is not one of the FIRST questions that springs to mind when buying a gown.

But I digress. Reporting on this is a fair cop (pardon the horrible pun). Someone tangentially famous is caught with their anatomy hanging out, its fair to call them on it. Sort of like the Bush twins in the latest "Girls Gone Wild" video. That's not what bothers me.

What bothers me is that the same parts of the media that freaked out about Janet Jackson's Superbowl exposure seem to be the ones rushing this particular picture to the fore. You know, the right-of-center moralists. They need to show how evilevilevil the other side is. Even if it means they are pushing questionable images themselves. Sex! Licentiousness! Poor Fashion Sense! How can we trust these people? Honest, officer, I was just reading it for the articles!

Meanwhile, the liberal side of the blogosphere is concentrating on . . .

Middle-aged gay people getting married in Massachusetts.

Have we truly moved into the mirror world, the one where Colin Powell has the moustache and beard and yells at his handlers on camera? The conservative press is pushing purient imagery and the liberals are comfortable with their own sexuality? The Dems become the doughty stay-at-homes while the Reps have the nipple rings and video nasties? I mean, the conservatives have been wracking up a hypocritical record on defending marriage, and now seem to be set on inflicting their unbalanced morality on the rest of us.

In the meantime, I just hope Drudge goes back to showing pictures of politicians with silly expressions on their faces. And Michael Moore, in full-body shots. Just so I can tune in during work.

More later,