Monday, May 17, 2004

Lost Weekend

Crashed and burned this weekend. Don't know if it was exhaustion, or the H&R Block Gilligan's island-themed Party (it was just about as you would expect it). or trying to mow the lawn (unmown since the party two weeks previous, and overgrown to the point that wildebeast and gazelles were grazing out there) as the stormclouds rolled in, but I had a mild, sluggish cold and no desire whatsoever to continue on with anything or anyone. Kate spent the weekend gaming, reading her tax books, and watching Seabiscuit, and left me to my general lethargic grump.

So I read, finishing up a couple books. And I snacked. And I played a lot of Civ 3. A LOT of Civ 3. Its the comfort food of computer games. I have my standard plan - raise money, buy my tech advancements, invade only when I have to. Ended up with a diplomatic victory (I build the UN, am involved in a battle with lower-tech Greeks (not my fault, the Chinese dragged me in), and was elected King O' The World).

Yeah, I still have opinions, and stuff to write. I'll see if I can catch up. But I need a completely empty weekend every so often to recharge.

More later,