Monday, May 24, 2004

Pipeline, Part 2

The media catches up to the journals - The Olympic Pipeline is currently shut down because of a fire Sunday Morning (which does not explain the Mystery Noise nor the late-night helicopter, but those may belong to a different set of disasters). There was a leak in a sampler line that ignited, starting a three-alarm fire. As of today, the perimeter is still draped with police tape and guys in orange jackets are walking around over where the line runs.

The result is an example of Grubb's Law of Economics - Whatever happens, its bad for YOU. As a result of the accident, gas prices will probably spike (and they were just starting to begin to level onto a less-steep climb). So things are going to be messier for the next couple days.

Interestingly, most of the folk I work with were unaware of the news (it got less attention than, say, a major politician falling off a bike) even though they're working about a quarter-mile north where the fire was. I don't think most of them realize that the big hub for the Olympic is nearby.

More later,