Thursday, July 07, 2005

Distant Thunder

I sat down this morning at the keyboard to the news of the London bombings ricoceting across the blogs. I know of no one who was in London at the time, but my heart goes out to the victims of the blasts and the citizens of London.

Then, another piece of bad news arrived, taking longer to arrive but more personal in nature. Scott Haring was in a car accident on the 4th which claimed the life of his younger son. Scott is best known in the gaming industry for his prodigious work with Steve Jackson Games and his column in Comics Retailer, but I got to know him at TSR, where he edited a number of projects and wrote the Republic of Darokin book for D&D Gazeteers and FR's Empire of the Sands. In addition to the loss of his son Scott has to undergo surgery from the accident.

Both Kate and I offer our deepest sympathy to Scott and his family in this time of loss.

More later,