Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sports Desk

We've been blissfully immune out here on the other coast to the huggamugga surrounding Super Bowl XLII. Given a choice between the narratives of "The Undefeatable Patriots" and the "Boston and New York hate each other", the media understandably embraced the latter. Works for me, since we like to ignore the pair of them.

Meanwhile, over in pro basketball, the Sonics snapped a 14-game losing streak, which most of the fandom have concluded is a plot by the new owners to cheese everyone off so we'll let them relocate to the Oklahoma City. Oh, and a while back the owners released a study declaring that losing the pro team will have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on local business.

This is particularly interesting, since when they were asking for a ton of money from the state, they were touting self-funded studies that showed that Pro teams ADDED to the economy in all sorts of gray, fuzzy ways. Yet when they have their bags packed? No, you won't even know we're gone.

Finally, the Seattle Times has done an excellent series on our college football team, in which those in power looked the other way on criminal activities in order to keep their stars on the team. What is interesting is that one of those responsible for soft-pedaling the charges is our new Prosecutor, Dan Satterburg, which the Times Endorsed just three months previously. Gee, maybe that's news we could have used at the time.

More later,