Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gaming Desk

I've been busy, but there have been a lot of things happening in the gaming world that I want to mention.

I got a printed copy of Six Arabian Nights from the Open Design Project, and I want to say that it is sweet, and was a great opportunity to get back into the distinctive mood of Arabian Adventures.

New Crobozon, the setting for China Mieville's novels (Perdido Street Station and others), is going to be an RPG from Adamant. The setting has previously appeared in a legendary issue of DRAGON, mostly written by ... Open Game Design's Wolfgang Baur (Yeah, gaming is a small world).

Old superhero RPG warhorse Champions goes to a 6th edition, but more importantly, serves as the base for the new Cryptic post-City of Heroes Online game.

Fantasy Flight Games has picked up the rights to the Games Workshops RPGs and boardgames. Does this mean another new edition of Talisman?

I mentioned this before, but the last game by Paul Randles is out, and I wanted to plug it without all the emo whining around it.

And in the meantime I've been playing:
- World of Warcraft with my fellow designers (but we're on the side of diminishing returns at this point).
- Ikariam, A free web-based game in the style of Civilization that is the current flavor du jour among the designers.
- Pendragon (Sacnoth is running, and I'm running Sir Blais, who is Gawain's number one uber-fan, it turns out).
- 4E, and I would like to confess to being the mysterious "M" in Steve Winter's write-ups about his halfling, Biggie Smalls, on the WotC Blogs.
- Lego Star Wars with the Lovely Bride - the most use we've gotten from the X-Box in years. We just finished Empire Strikes Back.

And that's it for the moment. So, yeah, I haven't had as much time to blog as I'd like.

More later,