Thursday, October 30, 2008

Memes, Notes, and Plugs

First the meme: Copy this sentence into your livejournal (well, blog) if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

Let me go futher: I am particularly cheesed off at the cowards who hide behind my marriage to further their hate. On things that grind my gears, it is almost up there with the cowards who hide behind the flag. If these clowns were truly worried about the health of my marriage, they would work to close garden stores to keep the Lovely Bride from buying too many annuals every spring (A rite referred to in the house as "Honey, this space alien possessed my mind and made me buy marigolds and petunias").

But talk is cheap. Stan! takes a stand on the matter - on a street corner. His story is here.

The Jeff Recommends has gotten a lot of good feedback, and some of my fellow local bloggers have gotten into the act (Yay them!). For alternate views, go check out Shelly (and check out her comments as well) and Steve Miller (whom I disagree with on a lot of points, but value his views).

Also on the political front, fellow Alliterate Steve Sullivan has put together books on Barack Obama and John McCain. Perfect gifts for your last minute Election Day shopping.

And FINALLY Worlds of Their Own is still available at Paizo, a jam session of writers best known for our shared world stories cut loose in original stories. Check it out.

More later,