Friday, March 20, 2009


I haven't heard much from Harlan Ellison since the end of the WGA strike (short form - he didn't like the deal). But now he is back on the radar, going after Paramount for payment from derivative rights for his classic Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever". And going after the WGA as well for not standing up for those rights.

Harlan, who has moved over the years from Enfant Terrible to Grand Old Curmudgeon with nary losing a step, points out that he's in it for the money. More importantly, the money that they legitimately owe him.

One of the amazing things about Hollywood is that while no one would think of stiffing their plumber or their doctor, it is a regular feature to give the writer convoluted and often arcane contractual rights, and then ignore those rights as soon as it becomes inconvenient. And keep ignoring them until said writer finally comes after them with a two-by-four.

More later,