Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

The 2009 Origins Awards were presented last night in Columbus, and a project to which I contributed, Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, Volume 2, a compilation of comic stories from the series of the same name, took the Best Fiction prize. I adapted Ed Greenwood's short story, "Elminster At The Mage Fair" for the four-color page, and both Ed and I were pleased with the result. I am surprised by the win, since we were up against both Gary's last book,The Infernal Sorceress and Bob's The Pirate King.

Once we break the statue into even shares among the publisher, editor, original story authors, comic authors, and interior and cover artists, I believe that I get 1/18th of the statue. That puts me well over 50% on my personal quest to get a full Calliope of my very own.

A full report of winners is here. Particular congrats to Ken Hite for his Tour De Lovecraft: The Tales and Margaret Weis's team (including the mighty Jim Ward) for their Serenity Adventures.

Next up, the ENnies!

More later,