Saturday, February 12, 2011

DOW breaks 12000!

OK, it happened a couple weeks back, but there was this stuff in Egypt and the Super Bowl and things got busy at work. Truth of the matter is, it has only been three months and change since we hit 11000, so the rate of recovery (for those that invest in stocks, at least) seem to be increasing at a rate that would put the go-go Clinton years to shame. It seems to be rising as faster than when it was falling previously.

Yet despite this, we seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time fretting about the idea that, if we don't give the corporations another cookie, they are going to shut everything down and put us into another deprecession (yep, its a new word. Coined right here. You can send me a nickle whenever you use it). Part of it may be because chunks of the economy are still crashing down around us. Part of it may because our local paper of record both thunders about cost-cutting and then bemoaning the pain of that cost-cutting. And part of it may be that, looking at the gap between Wall Street and Main Street, more and more of us seem to be on the Main Street side, watching the engines of industry pulling away.

And it may just be that stock prices, like gas prices, have no connection to real world anymore (gas is just past 3.33 around here - did we start another war and no one told me?). On the stock market, it is not small investors or even master-level money-crafters, but robotic AIs that spin according to their own algorithms, ignoring the meatspace that surrounds it.

I dunno. Maybe I just need a new way to keep score. Maybe at 13000.

More later,