Sunday, July 31, 2016

Political Desk: The Jeff Recommends - Primary


Well, it has been a long trudge for the tens of people who follow this blog for its semi-lucid political posts. I started this years ago and just don't know how to stop.

However, over the course of the writing of these entries, I found myself re-engaging with politics in general and with the two major party conventions in particular. After the crapulence of the GOP convention (exceeding even the worst of the Democratic Party's telethons in the 70s), and the full-court press positivity, professionalism and challenge of the Democrats' version, I am reminded that there is a difference between the big parties, and a reason for pressing forward. And for some reason I am not as grumpy as I once was.

And so we press forward - the nominations, please.

US Senator, State of Washington: Patty Murray
US Representative, 9th District: Adam Smith

Governor: Jay Inslee
Lt. Governor: Cyrus Habib
Secretary of State: Kim Wyman
State Treasurer: John Paul Comerford
State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy
Attorney General: Bob Ferguson
Commissioner of Public Lands: Mary Verner
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Erin Jones
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kriedler

State Senate, 11th District: Bob Hasegawa
State Representative, 11th District, Position 1, Zack Hudgins
State Representative, 11th District, Position 2: Steve Berquist

State Supreme Court, Position 5: Barbara Madsen
State Superior Court, Position 44: Eric Newman

Here are some other endorsing bodies:

The Seattle Times which did a pretty solid job this year and concentrated on K-12 Education

The Stranger Election Board which was giving "Death-Hugs" all over the place, reminding people why they should be mad at the people they recommend.

Voting for Judges which seems to be waiting for the general election before putting all the pieces in place.

The Municipal League of King County which is a good resource if you have more than two people running for office in your district.

I've done my bit - now its time for you to do yours.

Don't boo. Vote.

More later,