Sunday, September 11, 2005

Money Where My Mouth Is

If you contact Steve Miller at and put "Dyvil Roleplaying Game" in the title line, he will send you a copy of the game, and I will donate a buck for Hurricane relief. No, you're not asked to buy anything - this is one of those pledge drives things where I'm doing all the heavy lifting. You get a real short, playable RPG in pdf format and I get to see my finances drop a small notch.

Here's what happened: Steve Miller has created Steve Miller's 30-Minute RPG Challenge (also called SM-30). You write an RPG in 30 minutes. You edit it in another 30 minutes. He prints it up as a pdf file and then (usually) sells it and splits the take with you. He issued the challenge to me several months back, and I told him if I came up with a mechanic and a world concept, I'd consider it. I came up with mechanic based on all the six-siders I have around the house. And I thought up a world. So I wrote it down. Then I edited it (Well, wrote up a FAQ). And I gave it to him.

And then Katrina hit.

We first talked about doing this as a promotional thing (buy this pdf for two bucks and we'll give a dollar to the Red Cross), but I really want to get the money moving, so I'm taking this on myself. And, to be honest, this is exactly what it sounds like - an RPG written in 30 minutes. We're talking eight pages, tops, counting the donated cover art by Bradley K. McDevitt, I think giving it away for the first month makes perfect sense anyway, so I'm going to sweeten the pot - grab my RPG and I will go into the hole financially on your behalf.

In Dyvil: First Edition the war between Good and Evil is over. Good won. God rules. Unfortunately, you represent the forces of evil. Now deal with it. It's an interesting concept (Sort of a "World of Shiny-ness"), and one that actually has some potential beyond a mere 30 minutes. But I was putting it together quickly and playing it for the occasional laugh, so you get eight pages.

OK, here's the fine print - I'm springing for the first 500 copies sent out (the goal is make Jeff poorer, not make Jeff broke). Steve keeps track of discrete hits, so you can't just order a bunch of them. Its only for the next month - the offer is over on the 15th of October, 2005, and we probably will sell it (the exact same thing) thereafter. So here's your chance - you get a cheap (free) RPG and help out a decent cause. And if you're interested in Steve Miller's 30-Minute RPG or actually PLAY Dyvil and like it - go tell Steve about it.

More later,