Friday, December 02, 2005


Believe me, I would rather be writing about the snow - its about two inches at Grubb Street's real-time offices, under a fog-shrouded sky. Pretty as a Christmas card.

However, Wizards of the Coast yesterday laid off 15 employees. Many who have been let go are people I know and like and have worked with previously. They include Peter Archer (director of book publishing), John Rateliff (games editor), Charles Ryan (brand manager, D&D), Joe Hauck (VP marketing, but I know him from his work in card design), Wendy Wallace (graphic design), Katie Roe (IT), Tim Thomas (web), Michelle Lyons (games editor), Mike Elliot (director of design, designer of Hecatomb) Teeuwynn Woodruff (new products), and Cornelius Lee (senior veep, marketing). The shoes continue to drop as the news filters through our various support system, so I apologize for missing anyone.

Most of those affected were long-term veterans with a deep, ongoing relationship with the company, many of them starting at the bottom and working up to management positions. A lot of history went out the door yesterday. My sympathies and support for those who were laid off, as well as for those that are still at the company - the post-layoff work environment tends to be pretty horrible, in particular if the work load remains at pre-layoff levels.

In addition, WotC closed 7 open positions (unfilled job positions). No word on contractors or temps affected, as their numbers sometimes disappear in the official counts. If there are additions, I will report them.

News on the layoffs can be read here. The ever-placid and elegant NikChick shares her thoughts here.

Me? I'm going to watch the snow for a while. More later.