Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Long Commute

Another daytrip to LA, this time for retakes and pickups for cinematic soundtrack for the game (short version - they were minor, but we packed them all into a very tight timeframe so we were jumping the entire time we were in the recording studio). Spent more time in the trip itself than in the studio.

And again, with the exception of a cabbie who didn't know how to get to LAX (and was relying on a navcomp that ignored the LA highway system), LA once again proved survivable. We wrapped early enough that I tried for standby on an earlier flight, and thanks to good travel Karma (lent my cell phone to a fellow standby passenger while all the suited businessmen ignored her) ended up seated between two Alaskan Airlines employees who were deadheading to Seattle for a Boston run.

Ah, Alaskan Airlines. I cannot say how much I appreciate your leg-room. I can even take a middle seat and be able to survive. We flew north as the setting sun converted the hills of mist-shrouded hills of California into an Eyvind Earle print, and watched a blood-red mood rise shortly before landing. And as an added bonus, we hooked in over the northern end of the airport, coming in over downtown Seattle and a brilliantly-lit Seahawks stadium (filled to capacity, I learned later, by a soccer match between DC United and Real Madrid).

So a little lagged, but otherwise good.

More later,