Monday, August 14, 2006

Schrodinger's Mouse

So late Saturday night and the Lovely Bride was gaming with her gang - the Saturday Night Star Wars group, and had the door from the dining room the garage open. They leave it open so the cats can go out and hunt mice, and yes, I have come down on Sunday morning to let them back into the house when they've been accidentally shut out.

Only this time, something came in from the garage.

We think it was a mouse - it was small and grey and fast, and immediately followed by three cats. The cats put aside their differences and worked as a team, tracking the mouse from rrom to room and from heavy object to heavy object, flushing it from various hiding spots in the house.

It was late, and the cats were enjoying themselves, and the Lovely Bride left them to their fun and went to bed, expecting in the morning either to have a small gift of dead mouse presented or at least a mouse-fur hairball.

Of course, when I got up, there was no mouse. Not even mouse-bits.

Now the mouse may have escaped the house (it was quite small) but I believe that unlikely. More likely is that the mouse was fully consumed, or its body is in some cat-proof corner. Most likely is that that its still around the house somewhere.

So I have a house with a half-alive, half-dead mouse in it. And cannot confirm it one way or another. Another proof that the presence of the observer's pets affect the nature of the observation.

More later,