Monday, October 23, 2006

In Other News

Ms. Julia Martin is recovering well. Eric at Mystical Forest keeps us up to date.

I have developed a nasty addiction to "Top Chef", running on Bravo, which is one of those "Reality-Survivor-Shows" (which I loathe) but this one involves Cooking! I can just imagine the three-beat they used at the meeting for this one (and I am already rooting for the French Chef - we are soooo easily manipulated).

And speaking of easily manipulated, the Seattle Times claimed to examine each candidate individually, and then chose from the select group that backed their publisher's pet campaign to get rid of taxes on rich people. They endorsed both Republicans Dave Reichert and Mike McGavick. The Times has not matched the Wall Street Journal's chasm between what they report in the news section and what they say on the editorial page, but you can see it from here. Meanwhile, the P-I endorsed Burner and Cantwell, which involved much less denial of their own reporting.

The RNC, by the way, has bailed on sending any more money to McGavick's campaign. He joins Burns of Montana and Santorum of PA for those left to their own devices.

And yes, I can think of a Republican who is not in deep trouble this election cycle. Schwarzenegger. Weird, huh?

I have received my absentee ballot, since I will not be in town on election day. Go and do likewise.

So both the Seahawks and the Steelers lost their quarterback and the game last weekend. However, all coverage of the Seahawks mentions how the 4-2 team is "cursed" by the loss of last year's Superbowl, while the 2-4 Steelers are still destiny's team, sure to be back for the Big Show. This particular situation could be used in journalism classes to teach about slanted coverage, if only anyone was still teaching journalists anything anymore.

On the other hand, Seattle's new slogan is "Metronatural". Yeah, even I think it's a crock - "It's not natural - it's Metronatural."

The new Doctor Who is great. Yeah, he's one of those people who can wear dark-rimmed glasses and not look like a total nerd.

And lastly, we go live in less the four days. The wear is starting to tell, particularly on the younger designers who are putting in plenty damned hours.

Most later,