Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So we have achieved refrigeration once again, and the week and a half when we were without it was an inconvenience, not a crisis. We discovered that both our coolers have leaks in them, that buying ice is an irritant, and that we would not cook overly much since we could not preserve leftovers as well.

Other than that, I have been pushing forward in a low-grade state of exhaustion. The Guild Wars Nightfall game goes live in about three weeks, and we are in a frenzy to debug, polish, fix, explain, test, and retest every part of it. I must confess it has left me tired - our office has become relatively silent, the creative bull-sessions giving way to constant IMing and debugging, and it has been difficult to sleep, because I know what still needs to be addressed. In general, it is looking very, very good - our early responses have been very positive, and we are going to hit our live date (touch wood).

But it has been wake, drive, work, drive, personal time, sleep. Rinse lather repeat. The personal time has gotten smaller and smaller, and therefore, like all small things, more valuable. It has been a few hours, usually spent on the journal, but also on reading (still The Confusion) and recently, re-engaging with World of Warcraft. It seems weird that I would, after hours of bashing on a computer game, come back and play on its chief rival, but it is sort of nostalgic in a way, suddenly turning my GW-attuned brain to WoW (I'm doing much better). I'm on the Kilrogg server, primarily because another friend, Irishninja, is looking for Taurens to form up a new guild (The name is Baka - contact him when he's on and he'll sign you up). And we've got the hot tub working but still not fully approved (though the list of things wrong has gotten smaller every time).

And there are other things. After my post on gas prices plummetting (which seem to be ticking people off more than when they went up in the first place), Shelly in Seattle sent me this link on the current status of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. I remember when we were filling up the reserves, but didn't know that we had "loaned" them out to the oil companies in the wake of Katrina. That was mighty nice of us, considering that the oil companies cranked up the prices anyway. And now we're putting off buying more, perhaps to keep those prices low. Hmmm. And Horse's Ass has a bit, quoted from The Agonist of another bit of potential conspiracy that may be afoot in all this.

I have a hard time buying that, but then, I had a hard time buying that Ashcroft got a warning in mid-2001 about a potential terrorist attack involving commercial jets, so he switched to flying in private planes. Turns out that one was true, so what do I know.

I do know that I'm in the middle of personal time. Then comes sleep. Then the wheel turns again.