Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So What Now?

Hmm, looking at the results from the other side of the planet, it's not too bad at all.

The "Gimme-Gimme" initiatives went down in flames. The Wind Power Initiative looks good. Cantwell took the top of the ticket handily. Kauffman, Simpson, and Sullivan took the local races (despite some brutally nasty stuff tossed at them by the state GOP). Owens won re-election to the Supreme Court nicely, as all the air went out of the BIAW. At the House of Reps, Burner still remains close at this point and many of the ballots are soggy, but even if she is edged out, she has made a spectacular run and Reichert, as a member of the minority party, is now in a position where he can vote his mind as opposed to his orders.

So it's over, right? Actually it is just beginning.

America has tossed the Democrats a badge and said "Here, kid, you be sheriff for a while". The House is the most volatile of governmental bodies, and reflects that change first. Even if the Senate doesn't go Dem this time, the trend lines, as the pollsters say, are there. People want a change. Enough of this craziness.

And the Dems will have their hands full. Not just with avoiding the amazing level of corruption their conservative brethren have turned into an art form, but in really governing their part of the government. Face it, with six years of one-party rule, we haven't seen a whole lot of positive things happen (unless you are rich or incorporated). Now comes a time to move forward again for the American people.

That's what we expect. Move forward. Don't embarrass us. Get the job done.

And yeah, there are going to hurdles and weirdnesses. After 12 years of freezing out the Dems, the GOP is suddenly going to talk about how the minority party is a vital part of the House and must be listened to (Translation: They blew all the bridges, and suddenly discovered they were on the wrong side of the chasm). Expect all sorts of rule changes in the House, sudden, quickly-concluded Ethics investigations that gloss over previous crimes, and a massive uptick in paper shredders and electromagnetic drive-wipes. And the fact that any further problems will be laid to rest at their feet, because one thing the modern Republicans do well, it is to blame others.

But you Dems knew that when you came in the door. Don't let us down. Fix this.

More later,