Friday, November 24, 2006


Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, with the family.

Thankful for my folks, who are getting up there in years but are still active. Thankful for my younger brother, who is currently heading back from New York City, where his youngest daughter marched in the Macy's Day parade with the Baldwin High School Band. Thankful for my younger sister, who has become the de facto basketball coach for her son's team. Thankful for the Lovely Bride, who helped my mom prepare the Thanksgiving dinner, and the fact that the meal went on without any homicides.

Thankful for my fellow writers and friends. Thankful for the opportunities I have. Thankful for a friend coming back from Iraq (though he's injured his back loading up stuff to head home). Thankful for some quiet time. Thankful for starting a new project.

For all of that and more. Thanks.