Friday, January 12, 2007

Da Bears

So, another football game where I am conflicted.

Part of it is that I don't shed football teams over time. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I'm a Steeler fan. I lived in southern Wisconsin, in a town which precisely straddled the line between Bear country and Packer land, so I'm partial to those two teams. And now I'm in Seattle, so I am swept up in 12th Man Madness.

But the chances of one team I like fighting it out with another team I like has gone up over the years. Last year's Super Bowl was a mixed blessing, and I for one am glad that Pittsburgh won, particularly since they flushed away the season this year. I am also pleased that the Hawks have already defied expectations by surviving the wild card game and getting into the "real playoffs". I'm still going to watch the game -the 'hawks have been playing cardiac-attack football of the style that made the classic Bears seasons a combination of excitement and raw panic.

I don't know what it is about the NFL that inspires such brand loyalty. I don't root for the MLB teams the same way - Pirates and Brewers and Cubbies. Part of that may be that those teams I connected very strongly with their on-air radio personalities - Bob Prince and the Gunner for the Pirates, Bob Uecker, and Harry Cary. The voices stay with you, and were a source of continuity over the long seasons. Football, its more coaches and franchise players, with the bright spots appearing over the season.

I can say that I'll be happy no matter who wins, but I will really feel sorry for the losing side. So like I said, I'm conflicted.

More later,