Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Warcraft: Full and Empty

So I was snowed in yesterday, so I didn't get a copy of the Burning Crusade expansion (as opposed to friends who stayed up until midnight Tuesday in order to get on as soon as possible). So I picked up a copy on the way to work, and the guy checking the receipts at the front door said "You're already behind".

I have friends and co-workers who were doing beta - I could have been the first official player and STILL have been behind.

But I WAS on WoW last night, playing my Tauren Hunter, Thunderchild, and finishing up some quests. There was a half-hour wait to get on, but after I got into the game, the zones I was running in were EMPTY. It was because all the high-levels were already in the new high-level territory, and all the low-level new races (Blood Elves and Blue Devils) were in the low-level racial home areas. As a result, I had most of Dustwallow Marsh to myself. It was strange, sort of like having Disneyland all to your lonesome, but I got a lot done.

And now I have joined up with the new hotness, like the rest of the cool kids.

More later,