Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Elliot S! Maggin

So my old comic book editor is running for office. Elliot was one of the editors on the now-classic Forgotten Realms book back in the 80s, but is better known for his extensive work as a writer, including a screaming bunch of good comics as well as novels on Superman and Kingdom Come.

Elliot has always had a political outlook, which spills into his public, personal, and fictional lives. Most recently, in the DC Universe, he was the Oliver (Green Arrow) Queen's campaign manager in the superhero's run for Mayor of Star City.

According to the Wikipedia, the 24th occupies parts of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, and is strong Republican. It delivered for George Bush at 56% in the last presidential, and the local Dems got pasted in the 2006 election, but things have been bad for incumbent GOP across the board of late. Rep Elton Gallegy has been making noises about stepping down for medical reasons (he's been in office for 24 years), but has a massive war chest.

Elliot has company for the Democratic primary - other candidates include the Democrat candidate from 2006, Jill Martinez, businesswoman Mary Pallant, 2004 nominee Brett Wagner, and maybe former mayor of Ventura Richard Francis.

It looks like a crowded field. Maybe Elliot can get Oliver Queen's campaign manager to help out.

More later,