Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So I guess I am a relic.

I voted in person this morning, 9 AM. No mail-in vote this time. Seriously outnumbered by poll workers, who were all at my age group and older, and very, very happy to see a live voter show up. First person to sign up for Rush (my district - I tell people we named it after the rock band). I was the "Break-in" guy, so about four of them helped at once (where to sign, where to print, remember to declare party).

Declined the offer to use the new hotness electronic voting ("It will pat you on the cheek when you're done" said the poll worker. "I like to leave a trail of my actions," said I.)

Small selection of choices (even smaller if you're GOP), filled out the ballot ("Remember to blacken in the oval fully"), and put it into the ballot box ("It doesn't matter which way it faces up"). About ten minutes out of my life, but I have the feeling that things are still slow there, as more people go to mail-in voting. Me, I like the idea of making voting a full-round action, something that you do at a certain time and place, and contributes to that sense of civic communion.

Like I said, I feel like a relic.

More later,