Monday, December 03, 2007


I have a rain gauge, the present of my folks, which I keep mounted on the back porch, and the first of every month, I empty it.

And this morning, two days after emptying it, I had to empty it again. We have received 5 inches of rain in the last 48 hours here on Grubb Street.


But we are up on a hill, so that's not too bad. And we are away from the edges of the hill, which is even better (yes, those two factors were a consideration when we bought this place). But where I WORK is in a valley.

I may have mentioned this before, but my place of business is located in a very lush office park, where the buildings are up on concrete pylons and overlook the nearby slough. I have called it "The Ewok Village", and it is my choice for location for my evil mad scientist lair, because NO ONE thinks about this place. but it IS right next to a series of canals and wetlands which is where all the rain for the past two days is draining.

But despite this, I headed for work this morning without thinking about the results of all the rain. I wasn't even off the hill before my cell rang and I got word from a co-worker that the office had been closed because of rising water. The office park management gave the order (with our group, as long as the servers were above water, we'd show up), and the management had already closed one of the two entrances to the park.

So it is a work-at-home day, with email connections and a mental note to get the VPN hooked up for this machine. And yeah, I should have remembered that just because I am up on a hill, doesn't mean everyone else is as well.

More later,