Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Xhaustion

If I am very, very lucky, the leaden feeling that has taken over my body is merely exhaustion, topped by a mild hangover. If I am less fortunate, I am finally succumbing to a long-avoided cold (I hope not, touch wood).

The holidays can be a hectic times, even for those without kids or close relations near at hand. In our case, we spent the last few days wrapping up last-minute Christmas shopping, preparing for the Grand Holiday Feast, and cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. I think we hold parties primarily as an excuse to clean up the house. I think it's the first time I vacuumed in the home office since the LAST major shindig, and I was surprised to discover I actually have a rug underneath all my clutter.

I did I have a chance to break away and attend Monkey King and Shelly's Christmas Eve. It was a haven of LJ bloggers - Sigtrent, Oni Anne, Freeport Pirate, Nikchik, MysticalForest, TrueUnicorness, and the everpresent LittleElfHat. Met Quizro for the first time (Hi, Wade!). It was fun (conversation was made, lives were updated, absinthe was studiously avoided), but I had to get back to the house, where the lovely bride was in the grips of fighting the cheescake for the Grand Holiday Feast.

Ah, the Grand Holiday Feast - Made less stressful by the aid of the attendees. Bill and Miko brought mini-calzone hot pockets. Wolf and Shelly brought a waldorf salad. John and Janice brought peas. We provided the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, as well as rumaki appetizers and cranberry cheesecake and (Death by) chocolate cake). There was a plethora of champagne, wine, desert wines, and hot tea with the meal. With all the aid, it was a lot less stressful than usual, and thank you to the guests. My only regret is that we let the 24 pound bird stay in the over about a half-hour too long so that it was tasty but not a succulent as in years past(but the gravy made up for part of that). Bonus points for the fact that we got Christmas snow - a light dusting during the day that melted by the time it was time for everyone to go home.

All said and done, it is all said and done, and I am exhausted, still waddling around the house and feeling heavy-headed. I hope this is the result of a sin of commission (imbibing too much) as opposed to a sin of omission (not taking better care of myself while cleaning everything).

More later, and Happy Boxing Day.