Monday, July 13, 2009


Hot on the heels of the Origins Award for the "Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, Vol. 2" comic collection (for which I adapted Ed Greenwood's "Elminster at the Magefair") comes news that the book has been nominated for an ENie in the category of "Best Regalia". The category of "Regalia" means "the best of a whole bunch of stuff that didn't really fit elsewhere", which is a bit of a relief, since I was worried we would be competing with the Orbs of Dragonkind and the Scepter of Law.

I am also delighted to see that a couple other projects I have made small contributions to have made the cut - Kobold Quarterly is up for Best Writing and Best Aid or Accessory, and Best Website, and Pathfinder Campaign Setting is up for Best Setting. All in all, it is a strong field, and should be a interesting set of awards this year.

Best of luck to all the nominees, and more later.