Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guild Warriors

Those of you who follow this blog know that I don't tip my hand early (which is probably the point of an entire 'nother post, but we'll let that pass for the moment). But yesterday ArenaNet officially announced the upcoming release of Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and myself. The book is being released this summer, in advance of the game itself, as it covers a lot of the stories of what happened between the time of the original Guild Wars and the new game, in particular as far as the relationship between the humans and charr. At one point I referred to this as "The Canterbury Tales with more explosions", and the description is still apt.

It's been a pleasure to work on this project with co-author and fellow Alliterate Matt Forbeck, who had the monumental task of weaving an exciting story through a rich, deeply developed world while the game design was still ongoing, a task I can only compare to building a locomotive with the train is already in motion. The final result should be a treat for both long-time fans and people who want to know what all the fuss is about with Guild Wars.

And while on the subject of Guild Wars, I'd like to point out that ArenaNet's own Linsey Murdock and Katy Hargrove are interviewed by as two of the Most Influential Women in MMO Development. That sort of thing is really, really cool, and you should check that out as well (at least, while waiting for the novel to hit the shelves).

More later,