Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A to Z Challenge

So here's the deal:

There's a challenge that comes out of a juggling blog (yeah, a juggling blog. Deal with it). Participants of supposed to post daily for the month of April, Sundays off, different letter every day. And a lot of the RPG blogs that I pay attention to are getting into the act. So I sat down last night and quickly made a list of 26 alphabetical entries, and figured, yeah, I can do this.

So here is what I am doing:
  1. Blog Monday-to-Saturday. Yeah, its not that different than normal.
  2. The subject of these posts is going to be role-playing games. A different one each day that has some meaning for me.
  3. They will be SHORT. No major or deep analysis here. Just why they have been part of my world.
  4. They will not replace other blogging, as need be (though I'm hoping for a break).
  5. Oh, and this is more of a memoir than a historical report. The difference? As a friend in publishing once explained it to me, you do less fact-checking with a memoir.
Let's see how this pans out.

More later,