Friday, July 17, 2015

Political Desk: The Elections Election

I honestly think we're getting dumber about our electoral process all the time. Part of this feeling is my own grognardly nature, in that I remember back to the days when you had to WALK to the Polling Place to vote. Uphill. Both ways. But part of it is when we pass a law that makes the head of the elections board an elected position itself, and then freak out that actual politicians are running for the office. I swear, the Times is getting a serious case of the vapors over it.

But here we are. What should be a regular civil service position - Director of Elections, is now an elected position, with all the sturm und dross that comes with it. Fortunately, for this election we have the recently appointed deputy director, Julie Wise, running for the position. You know, the person with 13 years of experience in the operation who would have the inside track if this still was an appointed position. Stranger likes her. Times likes her. I like her.

If you don't think you want a career electoral bureaucrat in charge of an electoral bureaucracy, let me give you an option. Zack Hudgins comes out of my district, the 11th, and has served well and admirably. The guy has solid chops. But when I look through my notes, I say nice things about the guy, then always choose the other candidate when he has one. Well, I'm not one to argue with tradition.

More later,