Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The GenCon News

So the big news for me is that I will attending GenCon for the first time in many, many years. I understand it has grown a bit, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be doing some panels with the Writer's Symposium this year, and helping out at the Kobold Press/Legendary Games/TPK Booth, which, from the map of the exhibit floor its so far from the entrance as to almost be the Region (Indiana joke).

Here's my current schedule (removing all notes for dinners, award shows, and personal stuff)

Thursday 4-6 PM, Booth #2639, shilling for Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and TPK Games

Friday 11 AM Book Signing – Exhibit hall (Bring your copies of old stuff - I'm not selling there).
Friday 5 PM  – Beyond Books – Other Writing Opportunities – Room 224
Friday 6 PM – Worldbuilding: Mythology – Room 224

Saturday 10 AM – Worldbuilding: Creating Magic Systems – Room 224
Saturday 11 AM – Worldbuilding: Flora, Fauna the Natural World – Room 224
Saturday 12 PM – Worldbuilding: Writing the World’s History  – Room 224
Saturday 4-6 PM Booth #2639, shilling for Kobold Press, Legendary Games, and TPK Games

Can't make it to GenCon this year? Still in Seattle? Well, I'd like to point out that fellow Alliterate Will McDermott is having a book signing at the MOX Boarding House in Bellevue to celebrate his most recent novel: Mage Wars:Nature of the Beast, based on the board game. 2-6 PM on Sunday, August 2nd.

Oh, and finally, this is not GenCon related, but I came across this video that we made about nine(ish) years ago when we were about to launch Guild Wars: Nightfall. I look at it now, and think "My, we were all so YOUNG back then."

More later.