Monday, October 19, 2015

Political Desk: County Offices

Hey, kids, Let's get back to actual things that appear on the ballot. While the state level is as barren as new ideas from Congress, we do have a couple really hard choices at the county level.

County Assessor pits Lloyd Hara, who currently holds the position against John Wilson, who was his assistant. Both men have experience. Both men have a mixed bag of strong endorsements from across the political spectrum. Both on paper and from experience, these guys can do the job, and indeed, until the parted company over using an iPad app versus a PC solution to the job, they were working together well.

Fully aware of the dangers of giving a big shrug at the position, I was split on this one. But the Seattle Times, of all people, actually makes a good case for John Wilson. Take a look. And go with John Wilson.

Similarly, the power of incumbency looms large over the County Director of Elections position as well, and it too troubles me. We went to the trouble of making this an elected position (a decision which, if I remember correctly, I declared a "bone-headed"), and then have voted in the incumbent each time, anointing the decision of the bureaucracy. Which is what we had in the first place. The current incumbent, Julie Wise, was not elected to the position, but graduated when her predecessor stepped down. Sort of subverts the whole election thing. Yet, Ms. Wise has done a good, balanced job, which is something that I like in Elections, regardless of who is running them. So, despite my reservations on the system, I am going with Julie Wise.

Finally, we have half of the King County Council running for re-election. Grubb Street is in the other half, so you the rest of you guys are on your own.

More later,