Sunday, October 25, 2015

Political Desk: Picking up the Spares

Now we are down at the bottom of the ballot School Districts, Water and Sewer, Public Hospital. The bulk of these are unopposed, and one of them might as well be.

Kent School District No. 415 Director District No 1 pits Russell L. Hanscom versus Trisha Sanders. I think. To be honest, I've got nothing on this one. Ms. Sanders did not respond for the Voter's Guide, and the sole article in the Kent Reporter contains a lot of information on and quotes by the incument Mr. Hanscom and note that Ms. Sanders did not respond. I don't think a JD Salinger approach works in local political office, so let's just say Russell L. Hanscom.

The only other racers in this category with identifiable opponents are for the Public Hospital District No. 1 (which we call Valley Medical), Commissioner Districts Nos. 2 and 4. Valley has a very good medical staff and serves the community well. The board of trustees, however, ranks up there with the Port as fall as questionable shenanigans, up to and including a sudden merger with UW Med that reduces the effectiveness of the elected commissioners in the fact of appointed trustees (such appointees include guys that lost in the face of an indignant voter populace),

So it is ins versus outs. In District 2, the In is incumbent Carolyn V. Parnell and the Out is M. Chris Monson. And their Voter's Profiles are interesting in that they are BOTH saying the same thing. Mr. Monson says that the UW Med has taken over Valley and this is an outrage, while Ms. Parnell says that UW Med has taken over Valley and that this is good thing. I raise an eyebrow at a lot of the things that Mr. Monson lays at Ms. Parnell's door and what Ms. Parnell's defines as success, so I'm going with M. Chris Monson.

It is not so easy in District 4, where the UWMed Candidate got nailed in the primary, and the two condidates are Savannah Clifford-Wisker and Lawton Montgomery, Both are running on a platform that the execs are getting paid too much, the nurses need to be paid more (and have more say in staffing decisions), and the current CEO who has been running things needs to go. Both are newcomers, but I'll go with Savannah Clifford-Wisker on this one.

And that's my ballot. Yeah, I will summarize one more time before the final voting, but I recommend all reading this to do your own homework as well - there may be something I skimmed over that is vital to your decision making progress. Good Night, and Good Voting,

More later