Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Political Desk: Public Office

Usually I would  break these down into a handful of entries for easy digestion, but we're not looking at a lot of real races here (though, of course, they are important). So here are all the public offices: Federal, State, County, and Court, that have competitive races this year:

US Senator - Incumbent Maria Cantwell has done a fine job so far, with most of the criticism I see being lofted at her is as a result of her being TOO mainstream and willing to work with conservative voices.. I'm OK with that. Her opposition, former TV newsreader Susan Hutchinson spent her time in the debates lofting Limbaugh-level conspiracy theories and repeating White House talking points. Yeah, no. Go with Maria Cantwell.

US Representative District No. 9 - This, the battle of the Smiths, is the only challenging race for me, and I've flipped a half-dozen times already. Incumbent Adam Smith is a liberal, yeah, I'll say it, progressive voice in the rejiggered 9th district, and he has been around forever. Sarah Smith is a liberal, even more progressive voice who brings youth and energy to the table. My game-playing brain says that, should the House change undergo new management, we would be well-served to have someone with experience and seniority in the office, while my narrative heart says that we would be well-served to have someone to push harder on more progressive issues. I still remain in flux, so color me UNDECIDED. They're both good.

My State Reps have no competition. Congratulations to Zak Hudgins and Steve Bergquist. And yeah, I'm not going to vote Republican in any event, but GOP? Really? You really need to keep the local franchise going. There is no depth in your backfield, which may account for some of your problems around here finding any traction.

The sole county level election, Prosecuting Attorney, was going to be former-Republican Dan Satterberg against Reform Democrat Darron Morris. I would go for the reform-minded Morris, but he dropped out for health reasons. though his name is on the ballot. So I have NO ENDORSEMENT this time out, but I wanted you guys to know that this is really one more one-person race.

Judges! Eleven positions! No waiting! And only one of them has a choice between two candidates. What, is this the era of good feelings? Justice Position No. 8 has the highly regarded Steve Gonzalez against Nathan Choi, who doesn't want to talk to voting for judges but last time set up a lot of signage in unusual areas, much of which lasted for weeks after the election.Go for Steve Gonzalez.

And that's it for my ballot. What about the rest of the state? Kim Schrier in the 8th Congressional. Mona Das in the 47th State Senate.Debra Entenman for State Rep from the 47th. Pat Sullivan for the other State Rep from the 47th. I used to live in these districts, until they shuffled the borders around, leaving the political map the world's worst jigsaw puzzle. It is almost like they're afraid of me ....

More later,