Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Little Self-Promotion

So a number of things have popped up recently which I want to tell you about.

First off, I received a copy of the tentative cover for the Beowulf short story collection. My contribution to the collection is "Beowulf and the City of the Dark Elves". The collection, edited by Brian Thomsen, contains stories by Ed Greenwood, Lynn Abbey, and Wolfgang Baur, better known to the readers here as The Monkey King. It will be coming out at the end of the year.


Second off, Dyvil: First Edition , my infamous 30-Minute RPG, is now for sale at the following fine on-line shops - and For those of you that missed out on getting it for free, here's your chance to spend digital money for it.

Lastly, a while back, I was contacted by Dragonlance chronicler Michael Falconer about the origins of the gods of Dragonlance, which had evolved out of the gods from my original D&D campaign. I told him that if I ever found my original notes, I would send him a copy. Well, I did find them, and I did send them, and he has posted them here. On one hand its an interesting look at the foundations of the DL mythos. On the other hand, it was written over 25 years ago, when I was college, and it looks it. I mean, parts of it are positively painful (I'm talking about demigods whose names are the Beatles spelled backwards - ideas so bad that it never really got any traction in my campaign). So its a good look at the Burgess Shale that was pre-Dragonlance, and makes me appreciate everything that has been done to and for it since.

More later,