Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekend

So over brunch, the Monkey King and I were talking about his Friends List - he had made some shakeups recently - adding some people, removing others. He pulled a couple because they were TOO much bogged down in their daily life ("I had a sandwich just now. It was a good sandwich"). And he mentioned in passing that I don't talk ENOUGH about my everyday life.

And he's right. I guess I think my day to day, even my weekends, are kind of boring. Everyday life stuff.

But how could I miss out on plugging my company's big project - Guild Wars: Factions? The new game has just rolled out this past week, and even as I write the servers are giving off a cheery, warm, red glow from use. Part of the lack of mention probably has been due to the wave of exhaustion that set in immediately after going live, and another part the fact that everyone was "playtesting" the live build at the end of the week (That's our story and we're sticking to it).

But that's business - how was your weekend, Jeff?

Not bad. Kate and I got together with our semi-regular poker group Friday night, and though no poker was played this time, a good time was had by all. And Saturday morning was the aforementioned brunch at Salty's with the Monkey King, Shelly in Seattle, young Heidi Katarina, the Monkey King's sister visiting from Chicago, our resident Tolkien scholar, his social security administration spouse, and the Lovely Bride. A veritable Algonquin roundtable of discussion.

And then I came home and had a long nap. It was a good nap. It was a necessary nap, as I was still worn out from the week. When I got up, I ended up watching the Mikado on a local college channel. It was a 2001 version by the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society, with Dave Ross as tailor-turned-executioner Ko-Ko. Yeah, and it looked like radio host and house candidate Dave Ross as well. Came as a complete surprise, and made Kate's gaming group wonder what the heck I was up in the basement.

Sunday the Lovely Bride and I went clamming. A long, beautiful drive around the sound to Duckabush, which sounds like a Marx Brothers routine but is really a long, wide beach on the far side of the Hood canal. Its relatively remoteness makes it a good clamming beach, and Kate and I spent a couple hours digging up butters, manilas, and littlenecks. Which were then served with garlic and wine over a bed of pasta.

And that's about it. You know, a typical boring weekend. How was yours?

More later,