Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dad's Day

So at least with Father's Day we get a holiday that is close to its original intention. Mother's Day was originally an anti-war protest, Memorial Day had another name originally anda murky origin, with several claimants to its founding, and even Flag day has a little haziness around it.

Not so with Father's Day. It comes out of Spokane, Washington, and a Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd. Mrs Dodd was inspired by the rising celebration of Mother's Day, and wanted to honor her father. The idea caught on, and 1910 was the first year it was celebrated locally, became a national holiday in 1924 and officially recognized as such in 1972.

There is no real secret history to all this, but there is the following: Mrs. Dodd wanted to honor her father in part because he raised her and five siblings as a single parent. The day has spread to fathers everywhere, and is generally viewed as a chance to say "Thanks, Dad!" by children across the country.

It is also apparently the day that the most collect phone calls are made.

Thanks, Dad!

More later,

Update: For Father's Day, the three cats (Harley, Vic, and step-cat Gozer) pitched in and installed a CD player in my car (the Insight). I think that's pretty impressive, given that they don't have opposable thumbs or electrical training or anything.

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