Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Having a Heat Wave

Which in Seattle, means that the temperatures are in the high eighties.

One of the nice things about this nasty bout of deadlines is that I have been confined to a shady place with air conditioning for the past few days, while the Lovely Bride has been enjoying herself in the heat - gardening, swimming, and laying out on large flat rocks.

Of course, the building owners circulated a memo saying that the HVAC wasn't really designed to handle life above 80 degrees. So far, it has actually held out better than on most days (when our office becomes a muggy, sleepy, sauna bath).

But this spate of hot, clear weather is not, as I've said before, proof positive of climate change. It is a data point, one game out of the entire season, and only when we take all the points together we get the result that we get that proof positive that we're cooking the earth like a three-minute egg.

In other data points, the DOW is seriously below 11,000 tonight, and the Pirates are 17 games back. But as our administration says, they're just numbers.

More later,