Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Missed Date

So, this is depressing.

The Lovely Bride said over dinner tonight: "Did I miss the cow?"

And I knew what she was talking about, in that way that couples know. She was talking about the cow scene. More importantly, she was talking about the cow scene from The Longest Day, which is one of those movies that I will watch time after time, whenever it comes on. A black and white classic with every male star the dying studio system could lay their hands on, it was the finest war movie of its era.

And it was about D-Day. The Sixth of June. Yeah, and I forgot about it. And so, apparently, did everyone else.

We call it "the cow" because for like three years running, the Lovely Bride would come into the TV room and find me watching the movie. And she would always come in during the same sequence in the film, when Allied paratroopers were coming down in a field, observed by confused cows. Hence, the movie is known in our house as "the cow". She would then sit down and watch the rest of the film with me, but to her, it is always "the cow film", even though she's read the original Cornelius Ryan book in the years since.

But the point is, I forgot about it. And I forgot about it because our media (mainstream and rinky-dink blog alike) instead chose to focus on the Satanic nature of the day. I don't remember this happening in June of 1966. Who says we aren't more religious? No, instead, we were treated with stories of bad metal CDs and half-baked retreads of classic horror films and even the release of a new whine from Ann "No one has a right to their opinions but me" Coulter about how horrible everyone else is.

And we forgot what happened on the Beaches of Normandy.

Like I said, depressing.

The heck with flag-burning ammendments - when are we going to get the federal government to mandate that The Longest Day be run on June 6th every year without fail?

More later,