Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brunch Eternal

I spent most of this weekend at brunch. No, really.

Saturday, Monkey King and I headed out to Port Townsend (Motto - "We're all here because we're not all here.") for a brunch with Brainstormfront and his young lady Sarah. BSF had spent the previous day packing up his storage unit to move it back east to Grand Rapids. I was up at the unseasonable hour of 7 AM, picked up the Monkey King at 8ish, and headed for the Edmonds ferry docks.

Two and a half hours later, we arrived at Kingston on the other side of the sound. Nice Saturday in Summer equals absolute nightmare on getting on board. Add to this another hour and change of low-speed chase on single-lane highways and brunch sort of evolved into lunch. The lunch/brunch, celebrated at Finn's on Water Street, was excellent - I had a wild mushroom and shrimp grinder which was intriguing at the very least. And it was good to see BSF and Sarah off.

So since this would be likely the last time Monkey King and I got to go to Port Townsend (because with BSF gone, there was little need for the four-hour trip), we hit some bookstores, visited the wooden boat museum, and took in the sites. Then a trip back to Seattle, where the ferry gods smiled upon up (drove up just as the ferry was loading, and there was space), while the bridge gods turned a sour face our ways (not one but two breakdowns on the 520 Bridge). We came directly to chez Grubb, where MKs lovely bride Shelly came down to join us. My Lovely Bride minded their young spawn while they went out to a dinner party. So most of my day yesterday, about 10 hours, was taken up by Major Task: Brunch.

And this morning, I had brunch again, this time at Salty's on Alki, with a great view of the city across Elliot Bay and in the company of the Lovely Bride, the Lovely Bride's Mom (visiting from back east), and John and Janice, who were celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary. The Salty's spread was wide and filling, and the commute was much less than the day before. So that took me to noon.

So what did I do with the rest of my weekend? The Lovely Bride had purchased a quilted hammock, so I broke it in, reading a copy of A Mariner's Miscellany by Peter H. Spectre. So there was a break from the brunching, at least.

More later,