Friday, July 14, 2006

Post Design Depression

I mentioned "Post Design Depression" in the last post, and it raised a few comments. No, its not serious in the fashion of a full blown depression or a postpartum depression. Its just a feeling of lethargy, exhaustion, and ennui that grips me after a major deadline. In this case, the rush and drive to get all the voice parts recorded for my current project.

Post Design Depression was first diagnosed by James M. Ward, creator of Gamma World and a long-time boss of mine. When, after finishing a hardback, I slumped into his office and slouched into one of his chairs and let out what can only be called my "Crusty the Clown" noise of exhaustion. He pronounced that I had "Post Design Depression" and that he had seen it before in me, and I should just get over it, because it will pass anyway in the fullness of time (this, in Wisconsin, was what we called "holistic therapy").

So I tend to work through it, and my plate is sufficiently full that I cannot just veg off with a mental health day. But it has been a slow process, made more difficult by the fact that the Lovely Bride has been in California this week with her sisters and her mom (she gets back tonight, thank goodness).

And despite my supposed lethargy, I've been busy every night this week. Monday night was a rump meeting of the Alliterates, Tuesday night my Tai Chi classes started back up, Wednesday Brainstormfront and his charming young lady Sarah arrived from the midwest and stayed the night (and we had a great dinner at the Melose Tavern and talked late into the night), and Thursday I was running Warhammer (more on that later (maybe)).

So I've had a full life, but I haven't been able to shake the weariness that has gripped me since last weekend. Because despite the achievement of wrapping the initial taping, there is a LOT that still needs to be done. So as James has said, I just need to get over it because its going to pass anyway in the fullness of time.

More later,