Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cat Update

So I've been wrestling with post-design depression for the past few days, and have been dodging the journal. But I should mention what is up with the cats.

We've seen a flip in cat hierarchy since Gozer arrived as our step-cat. Originally I would say that the heavier, more regal Victoria was in charge, and Harley playing her good-natured assistant. Gozer (lighter, but with claws) has pretty much intimidated Vic, so for the next month, I would expect Goze to be top cat.

Yet Harley has surged forward and expressed her own dominance now, and makes it her job to follow Gozer around and keep an eye on her. Sometimes it is too close an eye, resulting in low growls and one making a run on the other (it varies - they are still sorting out who is in charge). There have been chases in the house, and one occasion when a plant was overturned in their rush.

All three cats remain affectionate on their own, and have become more playful (Harley is back to playing with her rawhide string, Gozer has a canvas sack labled catnip, and Vic loves the laser pointer), but they just are not getting along together. In about a month we send Gozer to her original parents, and the other two will mope around the house and miss her.

Yeah, right.

More later,