Friday, September 15, 2006

A Brief Word

So, the latest PC GAMER, out today, has a very nice and expansive preview of my company's upcoming game: Guild Wars Nightfall, featuring copious quotes from yours truly. This posting is directed at those fans who read the article and then decide to Google my name, got to this page, and then wondered why the heck I'm ranting about politics, and local politics at that.

OK, so most of the regular readers are probably wondering the same thing.

The reason for the coverage is that we (meaning folk in Washington State) are facing a primary next Tuesday, and since all politics is local politics, I tend to cover what's happening, particularly with an eye towards how the candidates and the parties communicate with the people - voter's pamphlets, press releases, mailers, yard signs, the whole shmear. It's something I have an interest in, and the presence of an online journal spares me the pain of boring the same people over and over (I get to bore an entirely NEW audience).

I also talk about books, comic books, theater, daily life, cats, and collectable state quarters, but for the moment, we're in the grips of an election, so you get local politics from the Panther Lake area of Washington State. Deal with it.

One thing you DON'T get is a lot of secret information about the job. No gossip. No gripes. No secret cheats for the game. Sorry, this is a broadcast medium, and I keep the day job to one side. While I will promote what we're up to at the company, as well as whatever writing I've been able to do, there will be very little behind-the-scenes stuff going up here. For that, you have to find me in person at a convention and buy me a beer. Make that several beers.

The simple fact is that my day-job writing for Guild Wars is co-operative, collaborative, and team-oriented, while my writing here has the luxury of being personal, selfish, and sometimes just a tad bit cranky. And I like it that way.

So anyway, if you're interested in Jeff Grubb but NOT in Local Politics, tune back in Wednesday. Hmmm. Make that Thursday. I probably will have to do a wrapup for the local results.

And then you get to listen to me whinge about comic books.

More later.