Sunday, September 24, 2006


Meanwhile, it started raining. Three inches in the past week, after three months of barely a drop.

Meanwhile, the natives of Seattle have forgotten how to drive in the rain, resulting in hellish traffic jams.

Meanwhile, the dishwasher died and had to be replaced

Meanwhile, the Seahawks won their first two games. Update: Make that three.

Meanwhile, we had a chimney sweep in.

Meanwhile, the cats Harley and Vic have adapted to Gozer's absence, and now act like they run the house.

Meanwhile, the gas fireplace in the bedroom needs a new thermocoupler.

Meanwhile, I got to the Friends of the Library sale, picked up some Hunter Thompson, books on paleontology and the Great War, and the Tarassuk and Blair version of The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons

Meanwhile, I wrapped up the Warhammer game and Bill is back as GM, running a Spelljammerish D&D session.

Meanwhile the refrigerator died. Repairman in on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I started reading Neil Stephenson's The Confusion again.

Meanwhile, Autumn, Rosh Hashanah. and Ramadan all arrived on little cat feet.

Meanwhile, we got a hot tub. From Monkey King and Shelly in Seattle. And that is a story in its own right.

Meanwhile, I finished listening to Annie Proulx's That Old Ace in the Hole, and have returned to listening to Patrick O'Brien's Aubry novels on the way to work.

Meanwhile, the front doorknob broke.

Meanwhile, I totally forgot about Foolscap being this weekend.

Meanwhile, we found out our electrical box was bad and had to be replaced.

Meanwhile, the Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview is going pretty good. Now we have a month to polish up the rest of it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be busy.