Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogger Busted

So I'm not posting as much at the moment. Part of it is the workload, but part of it is the nature of Blogger itself.

Last year, Blogger was bought by Google, who promised to "improve" the service. So far, the improvements seem to be similar to the ones AMC brought to Harley-Davidson, or CBS brought to the Fender Stratocaster guitar (or more locally, New Times brought to the now-undead Seattle Weekly). After a few months of warnings, my old blogger account no longer functioned, and I had to create a Google account in order to access my blog.

This is followed by the discovery, after making the irreversible change, that the new system does not support my current Mac browser, Safari (yes, I can get another browser, but see the top paragraph - I'm a little busy at the moment). So if I blog, it is off the portable - very doable, but I have other things I do with it.

And then, through arcana of the new process, I am writing in a default New York font, then having to change it all over to Verdana when I am done. Again, there is probably a better way, but it is not particularly elegant at the moment.

So I am muddling through,and pushing off reviews and comments for later. And thinking seriously about picking up another service. Any recommendations?

More later (I hope),