Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Three items, spanning from national to local:

Item One: Blogroller Nikchick posted an entry on our relentless drumbeat to an Iranian War, as well as submitted it to own local paper, the P-I. Her original entry is here, and the letter column version is here. Good going, Nicole.

Item Two: One of the downsides of continual democracy is that elections pop up like mushrooms after the rain. There was one for the King County Conservation District yesterday, and word percolated out through the blogs. Usually these get really low numbers of votes, but in this case there was a pretty hefty turnout at the limited number of open polls.

Item Three: The Sonics have announced they want to move to Renton, provided we give them tons of money. The location they are looking at is at a narrow spot between the Renton Highlands and the lake (and, as noted by the P-I, not for sale at the moment). Two roads run near that patch of land going North/South - I-405 and Lake Washington Blvd. If this goes through I despair of ever being able to commute home from work ever again.

More later,