Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Notes from the National Desk

Sometimes things just happen too fast to make serious fun of:

On Monday, there was a news blip about how the third-in-line to the throne of England was preparing for deployment in his Grandma's Army. And on a Tuesday we have the sudden announcement that the British Army has won the war (their part of it, anyway) and is going to go home.

It turns out that a big Terrorist Financier is also a big GOP donor. The fact that the NRCC is recommending withholding judgment should be a note to all other Terrorist Financiers - give to the Republicans and we won't forget about due process when you get caught. I swear, every time I think the modern GOP has hit bottom (Outing a CIA Agent, Supporting a sexual predator congressman, shooting an elderly man in the face), it punches through the floor and drops another hundred feet. What's left? Selling indulgences?

Of course, the scandal the Republicans are desperately trying to get traction on is the fact that the Speaker of the House gets a (Homeland-Security mandated) plane. By this point in the non-scandal, all they have left is that the Speaker's plane is larger than the previous Speaker's plane. Yep, let me say it again: The pale males at the GOP and FOX have plane envy.

And speaking of humor, last week a member of the NBA said something stupid about gay Americans. Hey, we don't pay these guys way too much money for their brains. Now while superstar Charles Barkley is kissing refs on the lips to show support for the gay community, George Takei unleashes this video, which not only makes Jimmy Kimmel's latenight show relevant, but puts Sulu up there with Shatner in establishing a new career in taking shots at his own image.

I swear, this is why I'll never write comedy. I just can't keep up with reality.

More later,