Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Jeff Recommends

So, to summarize:

ST/RTID Proposition 1 (Roads and Transit) - Here's the deal - if we don't pass it, I don't want to see any of you on 405 northbound between 9 and 10, because that's when I need to get to work. Vote YES.

R-67 (Insurance Accountability) - So $10 million has been dumped into this campaign to defeat it, in the name of protecting consumers. How much has come from actual consumers? $700. Vote YES.

I-960 (Supermajority Taxation) - We say government doesn't work, and we want to make sure it doesn't! Another "Give me a pony!" initiative. Vote NO.

ESSJR 8206 (Supermajority Rainy Day Fund) - Let's push some cash away for an emergency, but then make sure we can't get to it. Sometimes I feel that way about the Girl Scout thin mints in the freezer. Vote NO.

SJR 8212(Prison Labor for Profit) - Prison should have to worry about punishment versus rehabilitation, not whether Bennie the Shiv and C-Block has made their fourth quarter numbers. Vote NO.

EHJR 4204 (REMOVE Supermajority for school funds) - Vote YES.

SHJR-4215 (University plays the Stock Market) - This I was wavering on. Do I really doubt the intelligence of a UNIVERSITY to invest in stocks wisely? Um, yes. Yes, I do doubt it. Vote NO.

King County Initiative 25 (Make the County Director of Electors a political race) - Yeah, THAT will make things move much smoother. Vote NO.

King County Proposition No. 1 (Medic One) - Why yes, when I'm have heart pangs, I'd like to have an ambulance. Hell, I'd like to have a transporter. Vote YES.

King County Prosecutor - Both men have good resumes and will likely do a good job, but the GOP candidate keeps trying to hide that he's Republican, stressing non-partisanship while at the same time taking gobs of money from the state party and doing fundraising for other GOP candidate. Vote BILL SHERMAN

Port of Seattle Position #2 - Go for GAEL TARLETON and keep an eye on her.

Port of Seattle Position #5- Keep reformer ALEC FISKEN and give him some support.

King County Assessor - OK, Scott Noble actually made a pun in his Voter's Pamphlet - he's the singular choice. Get it? SINGULAR? Because his opponent is named NOBLES? And they say Assessors have no sense of humor. Vote SCOTT NOBLE.

Public Hospital District #1 - Snake Pit. The incumbents have done poorly with their task, but their opposition is suspect. The foe of my foe is not necessarily my friend. Split the difference with CAROLE ANDERSON and SUE BOWMAN, and get a new CEO, stat!

And on the ones I cannot vote on:

King County Commissioner District Six: Jane Hague. Yep, flawed vessel, the weakness that flesh is heir to, yadayada. But that doesn't make her opponent obviously better (though he does have a Myspace page).

Renton Annexation: Oh, and now we have a City Council dustup where a religious stealth candidate running against King Parker (of King and Bunny's Appliances, up in the highlands) is striking back against a web site targeting her on how most of her support is coming from outside Renton. OK guys, on Annexation, you're on your own here, but you should know what you're getting into.

Feel free to print this out.

More later,