Thursday, November 22, 2007


The menu (and major contributors)

Crab Rumaki (Janice)
Mushroom Dip (Janice)
The Wine: Cranberry Wine from Yakima

Brined Oven-Baked Turkey (from Me and Steve)
Mashed Potatoes (The Lovely Bride)
Sweet Potatoes (Shelly)
Stuffing (The Lovely Bride)
Home-Made Gravy (The Lovely Bride)
Home-Made Cranberry Sauce (Lovely Bride and Steve)
Cut Corn (John)
Stuffed Mushrooms (Shelly, but Wolf had to remind me)
Chive Chedder Rolls (The Lovely Bride)
Bacon Sage Corn Rolls (The Lovely Bride and Steve)
The Wine: Harvest White Rieslings

Chocolate Pudding Pie (Nardi)
Pumpkin Pie (The Lovely Bride)
Apple Pie (Janice)
Various Teas: (John)
The Wine: Various Ice Wines

And special appearance by Little Elf Hat, who is fascinated by our cats (Vickie was too imperious to approach, but Harley was a sponge for attention).

All in all, a very successful Thanksgiving meal. For everyone else, enjoy this.

More later,