Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Local Politics: Vox Populi

So, how'd it all turn out?

Proposition 1 (Roads and Transit) was voted down. Commuters celebrated this morning by a bumper-to-bumper parade along Northbound 405 between Renton and Bellevue. If you missed it, don't sweat - they'll be holding it tomorrow as well.

The various anti-factions are declaring that they love a unified transit measure, but not just THIS measure, and as soon as a plan is put forward that meets their needs (more concrete, no concrete, rails-only, busses-only, no taxes, everyone gets a pony), then they will gladly vote for it. Here's the story on that: 2009 at the very earliest before anyone sticks their political neck out for a comprehensive plan.

R-67 (Insurance company accountability) passed neatly, though, despite a huge ($11 million+) campaign from the insurance companies to defeat it. This just in: your rates are going up, because all the money to run that campaign had to come from SOMEWHERE.

I-960 (Supermajority taxes) passed, in the traditional tax rebellion of the season. Court case to show that it is unconstitutional begins in

ESSJR 8206 (Supermajority Rainy Day Fund) also passed, which is not horrible, but the language is so fuzzy I'm interested in seeing how it gets enacted.

SJR 8212 (Prison Labor for Profit) passed. Now the next step - prison terms for jaywalking! Gotta keep those profits up!

EHJR 4204 (REMOVE Supermajority for school funds) failed. Alas, this is the only one where I can truly say that the voters are dumber than a box of rocks. Must have been their schooling, which no one would pay for.

SHJR-4215 (University plays the Stock Market) passes. UW Chancellor seen checking out the tote board at Evergreen Downs.

King County Initiative 25 (Make the County Director of Electors a political race) passes. OK, just remember that you asked for it.

King County Proposition No. 1 (Medic One): Passes by a wide margin.

King County Prosecutor: Non-partisan Republican Dan Satterberg. It would be such irony that after the GOP put so much money into the race, that Mr. Satterberg turns out to really BE non-partisan. Local daily papers realize that there may have been actual money-laundering in this race in

Port of Seattle: Despite some of the most amusing political maneuvering I have seen this election, the reformers took it: Gael Tarleton and Alec Fisken.

King County Assessor: Brand confusion did not work - incumbent Scott Noble won.

Public Hospital District #1 - Wonder of wonders, the voters split the ticket. Incumbent Carole Anderson and newcomer Sue Bowman. Those on the board need to think of this as a shot across the bow, though - it is time to clean up.

King County Commissioner District Six: Jane Hague over Richard Pope, who made a very strong showing. Also, an extremely high number of write-ins.

Renton Annexation: Passes nicely. Now, when is Kent to going to get its act together?

So that's it - some wins, some losses, and the Republic moves on. I think I'm more steamed about the school funding supermajority hanging around than I am about the roads. But that's the problem is democracy - they let anyone in the door.

We now return to our regularly scheduled lunacy.

More later